You Too Can Be An MVP!

Another one of our recent Master Virtual Producer (MVP) certificate program graduates shared his thoughts with us recently. Multi-tasking and managing the inevitable virtual classroom mishaps are enviable skills to have. Thank you, David for the terrific comments. We’re delighted to be able to help you continue to be successful and we wish you the best in your next virtual session.

“I recently completed InSync Training’s Master Virtual Producer Certificate course and the experience was insightful and informative. The polite, helpful facilitators posed thought-provoking questions during the sessions. I continued conversations with my fellow participants after the live events using the provided online forum, which increased the momentum of my learning. My multi-tasking skills were sharpened, and I have a much better understanding of how to effectively manage inevitable virtual classroom disasters. I look forward to using these skills in my next virtual session."
David Bernal

Great Expectations

One of Jennifer Hofmann’s blog readers found a recent post to be exceptionally valuable in terms of insight into the modern learning environment.

“Jennifer Hofmann’s blog post, “The Learning Architect: The Hub of Blended Learning,” sparked the following reaction: As one who has been doing instructor led training for many years, learning and becoming proficient in other means of delivery has been challenging, and at times, confusing as to which to utilize in various situations. And I have realized that the expectation of learners today is for us to be using different types of deliveries to make the learning experience more engaging and effective. ”
Daniel Morehouse
Matrix Resources

Mission Accomplished

Take your virtual learners on a journey with improved facilitation skills! Recent Virtual Classroom Facilitation graduate Michele shares what she learned in our immersive, hands-on certificate program:

“Attending InSync Training’s Virtual Facilitator Certificate course was an enlightening learning experience, beneficial for both new and seasoned virtual trainers. I learned that I have to use all of the tools at my disposal in the virtual classroom to engage students. There was a seamless implementation of the skills I gained in the virtual classroom to the workplace. If you are looking for a course filled with real-world tools, led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitators, I highly suggest this course!”- Michele Silverman, S&P Global Ratings