Customer Hero Story: The Story that Sells


Date:  Feb 6, 2018
Time:  2:00-3:00 PM EDT
Location: InSync Training WebEx

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About the Session

Are you leveraging your current customer’s success to gain future business?

How do you overcome objections, and gain business insight so your customers can see how you can change their business with your products or services?  The latest research on how people buy and make decisions (Behavioral Economics), combined with our communication framework, is a game changing approach. Understanding customer’s biases and how to tell a customer hero story with real business results will help fast-track your customers to believing and buying. We will help you use your current customer’s stories to paint a picture for your potential customers/prospects. Let the story sell for you.

This session will focus on technique of how to build a compelling customer hero story and why it delivers results. Simple pragmatic tools you can use tomorrow to differentiate and sell.

Key Takeaways

  1. How to leverage current client successes for future business
  2. Use The Art of the Nudge Communication Framework to become a great storyteller
  3. Techniques to build and tell a good customer hero story
  4. Use emotions to communicate in a new effective way
  5. How to paint a picture with business results

About the Speaker

Christine Miles, Ci Squared, Co-founder & Chief Architect,

Understanding and using emotional intelligence to facilitate positive change is the driving force behind my story. For almost three decades, I have been a Leadership & Organizational Development specialist, and believe the ability to influence and communicate to inspire others is the key to success.

I learned early in life from my mother’s adversity that everyone has a story. No one knows what is going on beneath the surface. From that a passion to understand people was born. My father was an entrepreneur and instilled the love of business in me.

After receiving my M.S. Ed. in Psychological Services from University of Pennsylvania, I was a system’s therapist/advocate for families and children. While I loved that work, something was missing. I realized how I was helping families become more connected and emotionally intelligent could be applied to business. At 26, I shifted into the corporate Employee Assistance field, then parlayed all these experiences into owning my own executive coaching consulting business to Fortune 500 companies before forming C.I. Squared with business partner, John Geraci.

Weekly, I host a business radio show where executive leaders share their personal story of who they were between the ages of 8 and 14 and how that impacts their passion and success today. Executive Leaders Radio is the #1 business radio show in the Mid-Atlantic states and broadcasts nationally on 91 stations.

To simplify, my passion or one word is understanding because it’s the greatest differentiator to success.



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