The New Normal Strategies for Virtual, Blended, & Hybrid Learning Environments


1-hr virtual live lesson


In this session, we'll explore how to maximize the new hybrid/blended/virtual learning environment. We'll share the latest research on learner engagement and practical insights in the virtual learning development field, helping you efficiently implement global solutions that align with your organization's strategic objectives.  

We will also include strategies to address the holistic needs of your business, the learner's environment, and the proficiency of your L&D team to design and deliver mission-critical content using a successful virtual training model.  

A key highlight of our conversation will be a case study of a global technology company that has successfully implemented a hybrid virtual training strategy for its employees. We will employ this case study to introduce you to methods that assess your current virtual training strategy, identify content gaps, and enhance your team's skills to bridge these gaps. 

The hybrid virtual learning environment may seem complex, but with the right approach and tools, you can empower your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in this rapidly changing world. 

Learning Objectives

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to effectively navigate the complex corporate learning landscape by integrating virtual, blended, and hybrid learning approaches. 
  • The key attributes of hybrid virtual learning, its relationship to blended learning, and how different learning environments impact learner engagement across three dimensions: environmental, intellectual, and emotional. 
  • The seven crucial considerations when implementing a hybrid virtual learning strategy, as well as the challenges that may arise during implementation. 
  • The significance of aligning learner needs with business goals in the era of hybrid virtual learning. 
  • Real-world insights from a global technology company on overcoming challenges when crafting a strategy that successfully aligns learner needs with business goals. 
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"I didn't think there was much about hybrid that we hadn't learned already from our experience.  But we gained some ideas in this workshop that made us think we can be even more successful with our hybrid programs.  Definitely a level up for us."  Sanjay Batra
10/05/23 The New Normal: Strategies for Virtual, Blended, & Hybrid Learning Environments
Thursday via Zoom Meeting
2 pm - 3 pm (New York)
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