Virtual Classroom


  • Delivered in 2 days - Six  2-hour live virtual lessons
  • Personalized coaching
  • Self-directed activities
  • Final Project - Teachback

The modern virtual classroom calls for modern design. This program explores the design models necessary to ensure authentic learning can happen in the virtual classroom environment.   

Lesson topics include: moving from webinar to true learning approaches in the virtual classroom, designing for true engagement using directed approaches to interaction and collaboration, assessment strategies, establishing learner accountability, debriefing techniques, application of adult learning principles in the virtual classroom, instructional materials design, and incorporating virtual learning as part of a larger blended learning campaign.  

Emphasized throughout is the Instructional Designer’s role in supporting the InQuire Engagement Framework®, a three-pronged approach for maximizing engagement of all learners in the virtual classroom. The framework is designed to optimize an organization’s existing training and provide a new construct for creating training programs that work in today’s hybrid workplace and “virtual first” approach to training and employee development.  

You will complete this program having independently designed a virtual lesson that reflects the best practices of the modern virtual classroom, and having received detailed evaluative feedback on your program. All program materials will reflect the best practices of blended design and the principles of adult learning. Optional on-demand lessons and reading assignments will inform you on how to use virtual classroom tools and apply additional techniques.  

The Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series can be taken as a standalone program or as part of your journey in earning the designation of Virtual Learning Expert® (VLE) when combined with the Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series and the Master Virtual Producer certificate.  

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives: 

The Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series focuses on providing hands-on, immersive experiences so practitioners can master the skills being taught and create meaningful and authentic virtual classroom designs.  

At the end of this series, instructional designers will be able to:  

  1. Apply a four-step instructional design technique to determine which instructional objectives can be taught in a virtual environment, traditional classroom, or via self-directed formats  

  2. Engage learners with appropriate interaction and collaboration techniques  

  3. Design and develop a variety of instructional activities that utilize the whiteboard, chat, application sharing, web browsing, webcam, and breakout room activities  

  4. Hold learners accountable using a variety of assessment and debriefing techniques  

  5. Critique a virtual training program to ensure adult learning principles are being met  

  6. Extend learning beyond live events by utilizing blended learning technologies and long-term assessment techniques  

  7. Develop materials for a one-hour lesson including the facilitator guide, participant guide, and slides  

  8. Articulate and demonstrate the competencies of the virtual classroom instructional designer 

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Our learners say it best!  

“Subconsciously, I have known the ideas behind the virtual classroom. But before attending InSync Training’s Virtual Classroom Instructional Designer course, I hadn’t seen them applied in such an interactive and educational way. One of the greatest aspects about the course was that I had the opportunity to take tools that I learned and immediately apply them to projects I was working on. If you are looking for an engaging learning program that will put you in the instructor’s seat, I highly recommend this course! 

  • As an IACET Accredited Provider, InSync Training  IACET CEUs for its learning events that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.  To qualify for the CEUs and accredited badge, participants must complete all required activities.
  • Immersion takes place in the virtual classroom.
  • Recommended prerequisite: Learn How to Engage Online.
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