Virtual Classroom Instructional Design Services

Design for more than a webinar.

Are your programs not living up to your expectations?

Invest in program designs that maximize engagement and ensure learning happen.

 Designing for the modern classroom requires an understanding of modern instructional strategies, techniques, and technologies. Instructional design is more critical than ever.

InSync’s experienced team applies industry-leading innovative, research-based techniques, design strategies, and best practice based on the InQuire Engagement FrameworkTM to develop highly engaging, performance-based training program, maximized for the virtual classroom.

Review and analysis of audience, subject matter expert content, existing content and materials.
Program introduction via design walk-throughs, debriefing, event piloting, and train-the-trainer support.
Material and content design, scripting, asset creation, learner and facilitator support materials, and learning environment recommendations.
We train in any platform
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