Virtual Classroom Translation & Localisation

Ensure global engagement.

Are your global learners fully engaged with your content?

Our expert partner, Comtec, ensure your training materials are culturally relevant and accessible.

Comtec experts provide comprehensive support.

In addition to top-notch translation services, Comtec also incorporates localisation services into their approach. Moving beyond word-for-word translation, Comtec’s team considers cultural nuances, colloquial terms, and a broad array of features for adapting learning materials and content for improved global training outcomes.

Includes over 200 languages, including Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, and more.
Follows rigorous quality procedures for selecting the best linguist for your project
Addresses the unique needs associated with the field or industry the content addresses
Covers digital, print, video, eLearning, and instructor materials
We train in any platform
Don't see the platform you are looking for? Ask!
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