Advanced Coaching: Customized Virtual Classroom Skill Evaluation



  • Available for both facilitation and instructional design
  • Review and assessment of one hour of existing virtual classroom content
  • Level 4 on-the-job evaluation of your facilitators or designers


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Are you currently designing for or facilitating in the Virtual Classroom and asking questions like, “Are we getting a full return on our virtual investment?” and “Is it working to transfer the learning like we planned?”

Let our team of experts assess the design and facilitation of your content, and create a custom training solution!

Through a combination of targeted consulting, personalized expert coaching, and customized training, we guide you in creating appropriate and effective solutions. Maximize your skills and existing content using our proven four-step approach:

  1. Assessment of one hour of existing course content
  2. Individual and group data analysis
  3. Personalized group and individual learning paths created with 1-hour workshops and individualized coaching
  4. Post-assessment evaluating either the facilitation or design of your content to identify if skills are applied and implemented
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