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Phone, Fax or Email

Phone: +1 (860) 598-0888

Fax: +1 (775) 522-2740


Technical Support

Please call us at: +1 (860) 598-0888

Messages left on our InSync Voicemail will be answered within one working day.

For immediate assistance, email/call as directed below.

InSync Training Support

  • If you are a client looking for technical assistance, or need to speak with your producer, please call/email your Producer or Project Manager for quickest assistance.
  • If you need logon assistance with a complementary BYTE or Bozathzone session, please send an email to byte@insynctraining.com
  • If you need logon assistance for an InSync Certificate program, please send an email to certificates@insynctraining.com

Cisco WebEx Support

  • Prior to your first class with InSync Training inCiscoWebEx you must first set up WebEx Training Manager on your computer. This one-time, automated setup usually takes just a few seconds with a high-speed Internet connection or several minutes with a slow connection.
    1. Navigate to https://insync.webex.com.
    2. Click from the left navigation bar, Set up > Training Manager > Set up.
    3. Difficulties? Click Assistance > Support and contact WebEx Technical Support directly.
  • For additional support with WebEx please see: support.webex.com

Adobe Connect Support

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