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Our Clients Say It Best




You Too Can Be an MVP!

Another one of our recent Master Virtual Producer (MVP) certificate course graduates shared his thoughts with us recently. Multi-tasking and managing the inevitable virtual classroom mishaps are enviable skills to have. Thank you, David for the terrific comments. We're delighted to be able to help you continue to be successful and we wish you the best in your next virtual session.

“I recently completed InSync Training’s Master Virtual Producer Certificate course and the experience was insightful and informative. The polite, helpful facilitators posed thought-provoking questions during the sessions. I continued conversations with my fellow participants after the live events using the provided online forum, which increased the momentum of my learning. My multi-tasking skills were sharpened, and I have a much better understanding of how to effectively manage inevitable virtual classroom disasters. I look forward to using these skills in my next virtual session."

David Bernal



Great Expectations

One of Jennifer Hofmann’s blog readers found a recent post to be exceptionally valuable in terms of insight into the modern learning environment.

“Jennifer Hofmann’s blog post, “The Learning Architect: The Hub of Blended Learning,” sparked the following reaction: As one who has been doing instructor led training for many years, learning and becoming proficient in other means of delivery has been challenging, and at times, confusing as to which to utilize in various situations. And I have realized that the expectation of learners today is for us to be using different types of deliveries to make the learning experience more engaging and effective. ”

Daniel Morehouse, Matrix Resources



Mission Accomplished!

One of our recent graduates of our Master Virtual Producer (MVP) certificate course shared with us how her participation in the course changed her outlook and resulted in complimentary feedback from her colleagues. Way to go Birdie, and thank you so much for the great review of our MVP course.

“My experience with InSync Training’s Master Virtual Producer certificate course completely changed my outlook on the role of the producer in the virtual classroom. I have already had the opportunity to apply the skills that I gained during my time with InSync Training, including the suggested use of a preparation list and warm-up activity. The feedback my colleagues have given me about my most recent learning events is amazing! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an exciting educational experience that will result in a stronger virtual classroom presence and improved skills for this unique and challenging learning environment.”

Birdie Yang


Apply your new skills on the job right away

A recent graduate of our Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate shared with us how valuable and immediately applicable her new skills were. Nicely done Dana, and thank you for the glowing review. We love to help our learners succeed in the “real world.”

“I have taken several courses with InSync Training, and they have proven valuable to my overall professional development. Most recently, I participated in their Virtual Classroom Facilitator course, during which I learned how the producer and facilitator can work together efficiently, a 7 Step Disaster Recovery Plan, and facilitator communication techniques. The course was so effective, that I’ve already begun applying my new skills on the job. I highly recommend this program to others looking to learn more about the virtual classroom.”



Maximize your skills!

Many facilitators use WebEx on a daily basis but few truly understand how to use all of the feature-rich tools available to allow them to deliver an amazingly effective virtual training program. A recent graduate of our Maximizing WebEx Training Center workshop discovered this and more when she completed the session. Thank you Cinda and we’re so glad you were able to use your new skills right away.

"If you are looking for an interactive learning experience and in depth explanation of virtual classroom tools and hands-on practice, then I recommend taking InSync Training’s Maximizing WebEx Training Center workshop. I recently completed this program and believe I will routinely use my new skills on the job. The facilitators were knowledgeable, the resources were helpful, and demonstrated how virtual classroom engagement doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective."

Cinda Cippele


Experienced Facilitators Still Appreciate Learning New Techniques

No matter how experienced you are in the virtual classroom, there’s always room for improvement and learning new techniques is one way to achieve that improvement. Mamie found our Blended Learning Certificate course to be especially helpful when developing training materials for her remote, country-wide workforce. Way to go Mamie!

"As a confident classroom facilitator, I so appreciate the information provided in the Blended Learning Certificate. I found the techniques for making content appropriate for the virtual classroom, and the unique virtual classroom activity strategies especially helpful. My new skills will help me convert some of our classroom training courses into virtual training opportunities for our remote, country-wide medical transcription workforce."

Mamie Luhmann 


Simply the best!

Wow, thank you to Diane for the high marks she gave our Virtual Classroom Instructional Designer course. We’re delighted you were delighted.

""The Virtual Classroom Instructional Designer course hosted by InSync Training was THE BEST virtual-instructor led class I have ever attended. Oftentimes people are left disappointed by the content of a course once they have enrolled, and I am so glad to say that was not the case here. I thought the course was well paced, informative, and so helpful to me on so many levels. I’m excited to have helpful templates and resources to use on-the-job. If you are looking for an enlightening experience, I highly recommend this course!" "



Leave Your Worries Behind

A recent graduate of our Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate shared with us how being prepared for her initial virtual facilitation experience allowed her to leave her worries behind and enjoy the experience. Well done Illia and our congratulations on becoming a virtual facilitator.

"I am a traditional facilitator and I had a lot of concerns about facilitating virtual training. During the Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate course, I left my previous concerns about virtual training behind. Our program facilitator, Mark Durgee, was fun, assertive, dynamic and clear and he explained how to leverage a variety of relevant resources. Additionally, the blog portion of the course exposed me to other participants’ opinions and expanded my own thought process. I am excited to deliver a virtual course on my own."

Illia Marin


The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

We recently were able to help someone overcome their fear of the virtual classroom and be able to begin sharing their new skills with their peers. Way to go Vi!!

"I was impressed with Jennifer Hofmann and Karen Veith’s level of engagement with participants during Designing and Delivering the Modern Virtual Classroom. With this course, I was able to overcome my fear of virtual classrooms. I am also looking forward to the two-hour follow-up session offered by InSync Training. I look forward to sharing my new skills and the information I learned with my coworkers and supervisor."

Vi Hillman
Knowledge Management & Program Analyst


You've Gotta Start Somewhere!

Recently an experienced virtual classroom facilitator attended our complimentary Learn How to Learn Online course and it gave her some great insight into helping new learners learn virtually, as well as some other new skills that she's excited to use right away. Thanks Jessie, it was great having you!

"I was very impressed with the Learn How to Learn Online course. I felt like I was sitting in a small teaching setting with personal contact with the facilitator and producer, even though I was in a virtual WebEx classroom. The course exposed me to virtual classroom tools I’ve never used before, and I plan on using these new skills back on my job as often as possible. I found it so valuable, that I’ve already recommended this program to my peers."

Jessie McPeeke


Going Back to the Drawing Board Can Be a Good Thing

Recently we had an opportunity to work with a very large multinational company to provide a customized, private version of our popular Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate course. Turns out we not only helped them understand all the nuances of facilitating virtual classrooms, but also helped them realize that some existing training modules needed to be re-designed to be more effective given their new facilitation skills. It was great working with such a professional organization and we look forward to collaborating with them on other projects.

"Hi, Gary – While this is top of mind (I had my teachback today), I thought I’d share my thoughts.  It was a good experience.  I learned a lot about not only facilitating virtual classrooms but implications re: designing them.  I’ve gone back to the drawing board for some of the modules we have already designed!!  The facilitators were great – Karin Rex, Cindy Foster and, for my teachback, Karen Veith.  Really high quality.  The teachback itself was useful – made me sweat which is good!!!

Thanks for a high quality experience – very worthwhile.  Best wishes to you and your team!"

Recent participant in private Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate course


InSync Virtual Classroom Gremlin Slayers to the Rescue!

Ever feel like your virtual classroom has gremlins? We've all been there. Fortunately, our virtual classroom producers have the expertise necessary to make your virtual classroom “gremlin proof." Here is a large scale global training organization's recent comment about our Jenna Cooper, virtual classroom producer (and resident gremlin slayer). Great job Jenna.

"I had the privilege of working with Jenna Cooper as my producer over the last 6 weeks for 'Media for Learning Certificate.' She did such a great job keeping everything running and ensuring everything was in place. Not only was Jenna helpful (especially to me a first time facilitator), she was friendly and gave good feedback. I appreciated the partnership we formed over the last 6 weeks to provide the highest quality session for our participants."

Professional Event Support Services client


Happy Client and Happy New Year!

Recently a senior vice president of a leading company in the global talent mobility space sent us a very special New Year's greeting. We are so pleased with their success and proud of what we have been able to accomplish with them. What a great way to begin a new year...with a very happy client!

"Recently, we applied what we had learned to a global corporate initiative. Here is what several participants said that are directly attributable to both the virtual design and delivery skills that we were able to learn and leverage:

'The facilitation and production was engaging, interesting, warm and highly professional with deep subject
matter expertise. The training and the use of Webex Training Center were “so 21st century” that this added
to the overall inspirational experience.'

In my experiences of training, the expertise of your online trainers has been phenomenal -- an opinion echoed by the trainers attending your courses. You set the standard of how an interactive experience should be designed and conducted. Specifically, some feedback on my classroom experiences with Cindy Foster and Mark Durgee.

My last course on ROI was not an easy subject for me and Mark especially provided me with unflagging support. He has a knack for making the difficult easy to adapt and apply! His feedback system on our Capstone Projects was especially on target -- he made me feel proud of what I had accomplished, while giving me a deep experience of recognizing how further I could have gone -- all while leaving my ego intact! Mark is a master at 'in the moment feedback.'

Cindy, as Facilitator in my first virtual InSync course, gave me an experience of what all of us wanted to attain as a facilitator. She sets a tone of warmth and wisdom as she accomplishes what is not always easy --- training trainers! She designs an experience that made me look forward to each session and purusing your course catalog to see how I could do more. Cindy was also a participant in the ROI course and it says alot about the integrity of your company that your consultants complete the same training as participants.

Of course, the Producers in each of the courses are alchemists! They partner with the facilitator in a way that says, 'we've done this before; you are in good hands, sit back and learn.'"

Senior Vice President
Global Talent Mobility Company


We Give Thanks

November is traditionally a time to pause and reflect on what we are thankful for. We are thankful, of course, for you, our wonderful clients and your input, and we are especially appreciative of your feedback and ENGAGEMENT all year long. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Here are some recent participant comments from our Learn How to Learn Online (LHTLO) Workshop.

"Overall Experience: The best thing about this course was:

'Basic use of the tools' - Erin Wells, Mars Inc.
'Simple and straight to the point!' - Jessica Reed Mars, Inc.
'The facilitators' personalities! This first day of the course was really a review for me.' - Rich Stevens, Anthem
'Staying engaged and using the tools' - Schwanna Johnson, Anthem
'Great direct experience of a well facilitated Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom! THANKS!!!' - Mili Dillard
'Variety of tools and techniques we used.' - Tomiko Wolf, SAP
'Engagement.' - Joanne Ferraioli, Sentara College of Health Sciences"


Don't Forget the Design!

Every great virtual classroom session needs two ingredients - a great design and a great virtual facilitator. The virtual learning team at SAP is thrilled to have one of our instructional designers working with them again to create materials to use in their virtual classroom.

Great work, Anna!

We're always happy when our clients are happy! Kudos for Anna Heinrich from SAP. We recently received this feedback from SAP (a repeat design client) who had just heard that Anna would likely be assigned to his next project:

"Anna did a fantastic job on the Negotiation course in the past week, so it would be great to have her!"



Demystify the Virtual Classroom with Learn How to Learn Online (LHTLO)

Looking for a foundational introduction to the virtual classroom? Look no further than our Learn How to Learn Online (LHTLO), a one hour workshop that focuses on teaching learners how to learn effectively in the live online environment. Kim Gibson, recent participant in LHTLO had these thoughts recently after her experience. Thanks to Cindy Foster and LHTLO, Kim is eager to learn more and incorporate her new skills into her virtual classroom training at the Hartford. If you're new to the modern virtual classroom, you can count on LHTLO as the footing for your team's launch point into the classroom (whether you use Adobe or WebEx).

Kim, we were thrilled to see your comments! Thank you.

"Cindy Foster is an amazing virtual facilitator! We were continually engaged from the start of the session until our parting goodbye. Hands on practice with Web Ex tools, encouraging methods for questions and participation made the class feel like a "community of learning" in a safe environment. Great vocal variety, clear directions and efficient use of pauses to allow everyone time to speak. Cindy demonstrated new techniques that I can incorporate immediately in my next training class! I wanted another hour of class time to continue to learn!"

Kim Gibson
The Hartford


InSync Training and Effective Application Training Equals Success

Lori Mathez from Data Innovations (world's largest, most successful clinical and blood laboratory middleware company) recently sent this note. We love how Lori uses a variety of resources from InSync to meet her needs. Lori trains clients virtually around the globe on DI's software application. We love how our tools helped make Lori successful. Our new "Designing Effective Application Programs for the Virtual Classroom Certificate"� could help make your virtual application training a success.

Lori, Thank you for the note and delighted to hear about your successes in the Modern Virtual Classroom.

"While designing and delivering my first programs I referred frequently to whitepapers and recorded webinars on your website, thank you for having such quality materials available. Last month I completed the Synchronous Facilitator Workshop with Margaret Uhrich and Lisa Webb, it was a great experience"

Lori A. Mathez
Technical Trainer
Data Innovations,LLC


Taking the Learning Journal From the Classroom to Real Life

Some recent Anthem graduates of our Virtual Facilitation class highlight the Learning Journal and why our facilitation graduates often sing our praises. Our certificates include learning journals to take the learning from the classroom into daily responsibilities. Hope you enjoy reading their insights.

"The most valuable part of the Learning Journal was:

  • Being able to take notes that I could review later.
  • Valuable resource!
  • I truly like the Job Description of the Virtual Classroom Facilitator. Silly as it may sound, it is a good grounding to review before a session. Reading the information and reviewing it.
  • Writing it down, and being able to have it to refer back to.
  • Getting to take notes in my own words.
  • Mark the facilitator! The Learning Journal, the book, all of the materials.
  • I guess having the items to look at following the course so I can remember
  • Being able to take notes."


Practice (we mean Teachback) Makes Perfect!

Always nice to see the impact our courses have in the "real world." Every member of our team is really passionate about their work and this type of feedback just motivates us even more!

"I wanted to let you know that the InSync Certification class for Virtual Training and Learn How to Learn Online were fabulous! The 5 week class was so interesting, so informative, and so fun! I am very particular about quality training, and this class was the best! My 15 years of training experience has mostly been in a live classroom. I had very little experience with virtual classes, and this taught me how to make the virtual classroom exciting! During the 5 weeks, there was a lot of participation, and the trainers, Mark and Cindy were top notch!

One of the very best parts of this class is the Final Teachback we were expected to conduct to pass. We were assigned a trainer, in my case, this was you Karen, and your calm, informative demeanor was very reassuring during this process. We were split in pairs and then were asked to teach an hour class using the tools we learned and also provide an audience of a minimum of 4 people. The feedback from Karen was so valuable. It was stressful, even though I teach a lot, but I wanted to emphasize how valuable the Teachback was. The reason is that we had to apply what we learned! I know from teaching many classes, that just sitting in a class absorbing the material does not allow you to ingrain the information and use it. When you are expected to go in front of an InSync Trainer to teach this, it was amazing how much more I practiced and applied the new information. Did all of the class participants have busy schedules, YES. Was it difficult to do the homework in between classes and attend the classes each week, YES. However the Teachback pulled it all together. It caused me to try the things we learned, as well as try other things as well. The Teachback showed me that I can do this, and make the classes I teach more dynamic. I wanted to thank you Karen, for your expertise you shared with us, and to thank the other trainers who made this a rich, valuable experience!"

Recent Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate graduate


We Aim to Please You and Your Team Even on Short Notice!

We always enjoy engaging with new customers, especially when we're able to make such a difference for them. We recently stepped in for another vendor at the last minute and, as always, our fabulous training professionals pulled off a scheduling, facilitating and producing miracle. End result, a VERY happy new customer.

"Hi Gary,
The training was a huge success!!
We really appreciate the quick turnaround and flexibility.
The two instructors did a perfect job. I won't hesitate to recommend InSync to anyone looking for formal learning regarding virtual classrooms."

Facilitation/Production Client


Investing in Virtual and Blended Learning Skills Pays Off Big for an InSync Client

One of our clients was recently involved in an amazing project to revamp their employee training program. As part of that program, they used the InSync Virtual Facilitation Certificate course as the foundation to "train the trainers." Of course, we're thrilled that they were hugely successful in rolling out the new program and happy to have been able to help. Congratulations to all for their success and achievements.

"This past year the company I work for underwent a major change in our learning strategy. We went from classroom training to a blended learning approach that utilizes both a LMS as well as virtual facilitation. I remember when I first started to work on the flagship program that almost no one in the organization was ready for the change (I literally had co-workers yelling at me in the cafeteria). As a part of the roll out strategy my colleague & partner in crime (I am design she is delivery) identified and enrolled her facilitators in this very first InSync facilitation class. This program turned out to be a major contributor to the success of the roll out of our flagship program but also helped us to develop the facilitation and class room management skills that were needed to support a massive program roll out.

In 2013 our facilitators trained approx 400 people in a face to face program that cost our company approx $1 million and last year our team trained over 1800 participants for a fraction of the cost. The general consensus is that our new program is not only cost effective but that employees are better trained & prepared for their roles. Productivity of newly trained employees has increased and we are now being asked to retrain many of the employees who were trained in the "old way." As a highlight ... there are 100's of men and women who are now able to be promoted because they are not required to leave their homes & families for 3 weeks to learn about their new job.

I am writing all of this as a way to say that I believe in this technology & methodology and am looking forward to becoming a knowledgeable practitioner of virtual facilitation! There are definite aspects that feel more cumbersome ... like having to be very precise in the design, timing and objectives of sessions or not being able to just fly by the seat of your pants or invite a "SME" in to facilitate ... there are less shortcuts here than there were before in face to face facilitation. Virtual facilitation requires planning, communication & dedication but the rewards are so great it makes it so worth having to go through a massive amount of change to do it!

Thanks for everything!"

A Satisfied InSync Client


Virtual Design for Success!

Instructional design for the virtual classroom is a core component of InSync's service offering so we're always tickled when our design customers are happy. Thank you Bill for the kind words and it was a pleasure working with you and Klever.

"We looked at a number of companies to help us design and create our initial course. We decided on InSync and it has been a great decision. We vetted InSync every step of the way and they passed muster every time. InSync is very high in what I call the "get it" factor. When sourcing products and talent and work from outside our company, the most important thing is how well they get what we are aiming for, what our needs are. InSync gets it. The value for money is outstanding. The design for our project was exceptional and quality output terrific. We only encountered small issues and InSync was responsive and we sorted them out quickly, efficiently and very much to our satisfaction. We stand by our products and services with a money-back guarantee, we stand by the product we created through InSync and we stand by InSync. We'll be bringing more of our business to InSync soon."

Bill Stockton
Business Development & Co-founder



InSync Inspires

We love to hear how our tools, courses and services inspire those in the field of virtual classroom training. Denise Boyer, e-training specialist at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, was an early adopter and now years later is thriving in virtual classroom education. Denise, thank you, but really, it's learning professionals like you who inspire us!

"Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to tell you that you played a major part in me becoming an e-Training Specialist. Many years ago, as an administrative assistant, I volunteered to lead a Virtual Training pilot... Your book (Live and Online!) was my bible!! That little pilot turned into an eventual full time e-training position. I just wanted to thank you for having such an impact on my career. I hope to be able to shake your hand before the conference ends!"

Denise Boyer
e-Training Specialist

Novartis Pharma Canada Inc.


InSync Facilitation Team Motivates Again!

Toni St. Pierre of Navy Federal Credit Union recently completed our Learn How to Learn on Line course as a prerequisite for an upcoming class and offered these thoughts.

"Margaret was exceptional, engaging and knowledgeable. She knew what she was talking about and presented the material in such a way that when the class was over it was disappointing."

Great job, Margaret. There is no higher praise for a facilitator than when a participant wishes the session went longer. InSync Training is so proud of our facilitation team recognized over and over again by our clients as leaders in virtual and blended learning.

Toni, thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated!

Toni St. Pierre
Navy Federal Credit Union


You only get one chance to make a first impression!

First impressions and lasting impressions count even more in today’s virtual classroom. Karen Morrisette at Cisco recently had InSync production services support her virtual classroom. We always say our job is to make you "shine" in your virtual classroom or event. Thank you for the kind words, Karen!

"I just wanted to provide some feedback on today’s session with Jen James. She was TERRIFIC! I am so glad we brought her in to help us out. She made the two-hour session run smoothly and professionally, and allowed Dan and I to focus on the content and other aspects of the session.

What a pleasure it was to work with her. I really hope to get the chance to work with her again in the future. You and your team provide a fabulous, top-notch service and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you and Jen THANK YOU!

We are so lucky to have this service available to us. And thank you for accommodating my very last minute request. In the future I will never hesitate to use your service to save a few dollars…you and your team are worth every penny and more!"

Karen Morrissette
Employee Experience Learner Programs
Cisco Systems


Are you juggling the technology or teaching the content?

Do you often feel like you're trying to juggle so many things using your virtual platform that you forget about the teaching part? Marc Letendre at Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. knows exactly what that feels like and had an AHA moment in our Facilitating Synchronous Learning Certificate (that we teach for ASTD) recently. Marc's solution includes adding a producer to help him in his next virtual session. InSync Training can provide technical and instructional producers for any event (large or small) in just about any platform. Check out our services catalog for details.

"My "a-ha" moment came when I learned that our session was being facilitated by two people; a producer and a facilitator. Wow, what a great concept that would eliminate the struggles I have had in facilitating a virtual session by myself. I'm going to work with my team to make this a best practice for the training department."

Marc Letendre
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) - Designing for the Real World

Learning and Development is always concerned with creating value for our actual business roles. We all hear stories about training sessions (virtual or otherwise) which just don't translate into the "real world." That's why all of our courses include teach backs or final projects created to provide direct application to the real world. We couldn't be happier with the comments we received from Monique Breault at Conversant, one of our current clients in our Synchronous Design Certificate course.

"The perfectionist in me is trying to let go of the one point I didn't get.  LOL.  Seriously, I learned a lot, and we're going to pilot the course inside Conversant in the next couple of weeks.  I love how applicable the learnings were to an actual project!"

Monique Breault
Client Solutions Lead


Investing in Your Training Team Really Pays off

Training and learning professionals everywhere know how vitally important it is to invest in their internal talent. Brooke Appledorn at Nationwide Insurance's Training Academy brings alive her experience in our Synchronous Facilitation Certificate course. We especially love how Nationwide invests in their team. You can almost “feel” the talent growing at Nationwide as they benefit from that investment in the future.

Brooke, thanks for reminding us of all the benefits of developing great talent.

"My aha for the day was coming back to my classroom and facilitating in person. It makes me so excited to add virtual to what I am already doing.

I know what the benefits will be for them. I know it will enhance and blend their classroom experience. I look forward to the rest of the sessions. I really enjoyed my “virtual” world today just as much as working with the agents in my classroom. I felt just as connected to all of you through our child-like beach drawings on the whiteboard. Great session and I look forward to using these tips! I am very thankful my company recognized we needed this and that I was allowed to be certified. What a fun opportunity!"

Brooke Appledorn
Nationwide Insurance


How is YOUR Team's Virtual Learning Foundation? Got a Few Cracks?

In today's busy environment, we are often forced to skip steps and not take the time necessary to ensure the foundation for learning is solid. If you've ever taught or led a virtual session where the participants say they know how to use a virtual platform but then end up spending 10 minutes of the entire group's valuable time teaching one person how to use chat or whiteboards, we have a solution for you.

InSync Training's Learn How to Learn Online (LHTLO) has provided the team at FedEx with an answer to this common problem.

Dana Iannone of FedEx (a recent graduate of LHTLO) says it best.

"It was a nice entry level course for new learners. I thought it was fantastic!"

Thanks, Dana. We love making our clients happy.

If your virtual learning foundation could use a little reinforcement, please check out our website for the next LHTLO session.



Struggling with engaging your audience? Tired of lame webinars? Tina, a recent graduate of our Synchronous Facilitation Certificate course, has her solution. Tina, thank you for the feedback. Glad our instructors are keeping you engaged but more  thrilled we can provide you with tools to actively engage your team.

"I thought that today's session was terrific! I was engaged for the whole 2 hours...something that I didn't think was possible for virtual training. (I now realize that the webinars I have facilitated in the past must have been really lame!)

I am looking forward to utilizing all of the tools that we learned about today to keep my future trainees involved (and awake). 

Tina, Recent Synchronous Facilitation Certificate participant


Taking the Mystery out of the Virtual Classroom

One of our newest design students makes an interesting observation about her InSync Training team. Anna & Mark take the mystery out of the virtual classroom while demonstrating how to teach flawlessly in a virtual platform.

We appreciate the kind words and are delighted that the class has met her organization's needs so well.

"I’m really enjoying the class. It’s very applicable to the current state of our organization. I really get a lot out of watching you and Anna work together and work the system. I can close my eyes and imagine what might need to happen behind the scenes. You both make it look easy.

Keep the good feedback coming – I find it very valuable."

Recent Synchronous Design Certificate participant


Producers Spanning the Globe

Adding producer support to your events can make the entire team shine. Producers provide valuable rehearsal insights along with pre- and post-event support to help your virtual sessions go from ordinary to extraordinary.

One of our clients in Australia details how InSync Training's Anna Heinrich brought their event to life. Thank you for the kind words and Anna, well done!

"I just wanted to thank you so much for introducing Anna to our team with respect to our webinar. Anna was a brilliant 'host' - very professional, friendly and patient at all times. We could not have done it without her assistance and I felt really confident in the lead up to and during the event due to her experience and approach."

InSync Production Services client


New Year's Refresh: Why not put the "fun" back in your virtual training?

Wilma Santana has her team at Navy Federal re-energized and refreshed for 2014. Wilma, we love your observations and goals for the upcoming year and you continue to inspire us here at InSync Training. Thank you for the feedback.

We hope everyone enjoys reading Wilma's comments and hope they will inspire you and your team to view their roles and responsibilities with a fresh perspective.

"This training was an eye opener for me as the supervisor to online training. It allows me to see that prior to this training my trainers were performing both as facilitators and producers all by themselves. That was a lot of work and stress on them. Especially with amount of participants we have in our training session. There are many times it was just 1 trainer for a class of 40 participants. When separating the roles and the responsibilities for each, I realized that their workload was huge!

I monitored a few of the training sessions and to my surprise my trainers immediately incorporated some of the newly learned techniques in their training sessions. I was able to identify the separation of the roles and where we needed to tighten up the transition between the facilitator to producer so it would appear seamless. Overall they all did a very good job. I had them record their sessions so they can review and see and hear how they sounded. They’ve met with each other to discuss what worked, what didn’t and why. They also read the comments provided by the participants. By the way, were very good. The participants enjoyed the calibration between the facilitator and producer and the techniques used to engage them throughout the training. Any technical issues encountered during training were handled without interrupting the flow of the facilitator.

After my observations, conversations with the trainers and reading the survey comments from the participants, I immediately started to work on our training approach for 2014.

Here are my goals for my online delivery training team for 2014.

  • All training sessions will have a facilitator and producer
  • We’ll conduct quarterly reevaluations of our InSync Facilitator and Producer roles
  • This will allow the team to adjust and apply new techniques
  • And will also ensure consistency in our delivery method
  • Reduce class sizes and create a better learning environment for our participants

My trainers are excited and happy that we’ve put “fun” back in training! It has them thinking of creative ways to engage the participants and not have the trainer do all the work."

Wilma R. Santana
Navy Federal Credit Union
Supervisor Online Training


Passion for Training

Is engaging your team or audience in your virtual platform draining your motivation or passion for training? You are not alone. Whether you are converting classroom material or designing new ViLT content, investing in our Synchronous Design Certificate course could give you a new passion for eLearning. One of our recent Design graduates says it far better than we can. Thanks Suzanne.

"I have struggled the last few years in how to make virtual training interactive like the classroom. This class answered all my questions. I have a renewed motivation for training that I haven't had in years and can't wait to redesign several of the classes I have today and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Thank you Karen and Julie for showing us how to do it the right way!"

Suzanne Kaimann


Leading by Example - Synchronous Facilitation

This client really enjoyed their experience in their Synchronous Facilitation Certificate classes and especially appreciated the guidance they received when they facilitated their first session by themselves. Great testimonial from another client who is taking their first steps into the live, virtual classroom with the help of the great team at InSync Training.

"My whole experience with learning how to facilitate virtually was impressive. I got the most out of Mark's support and direction. Although the team was amazing to a person, Mark always went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed to succeed. Bret was really great as our facilitator. His personality and attitude made it relaxed yet informative. Cindy, who observed our teach-back was also really great. Her knowledge and understanding helped bring all of our learning into the live, virtual classroom. There is something to be said about that first time you are running things and Cindy prepared us well. I really cannot say anything that I would change. Great program, wonderful people! Glad to be a part of this experience."

Recent Synchronous Facilitation graduate


BYOD and Synchronous Training is here NOW!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) training is here today. At a recent Novartis synchronous session, the InSync team adapted the content to utilize iPads in the classroom. Participants in every business are pushing boundaries well beyond desktop computers to learn via many different virtual platforms. InSync can help design, develop and produce training content on any platform, including mobile devices like iPads and smart phones. This recent customer testimonial from another delighted client who did just that proves it can be done. Thank you, Bonnie.

"Working with Anna is a delight, she is so attentive. This is from last night's session, 'I appreciate the additional customization that was done to make this course more relevant to our team by changing activities to teach us how to use iPad functionality in a more interactive and collaborative way. I especially enjoyed experiencing firsthand how to use the whiteboard from an iPad to demonstrate what I've learned. I learned a lot this week. THANKS!' Anna made the adjustments without any prompting from the client. She used her experience to deliver more than the client was expecting. Great job!"

Bonnie Luizza
Director, Learning Technology
Novartis Oncology


Are you “Leaning Forward?"

Learning is “leaning forward” in workplaces around the world, rapidly driven by both the workplace audience and technology. NO more five year plans and 'set in stone' training strategies. These days nimble and collaborative businesses are leading the way. Another InSync graduate says it best, I know he will be leading the charge with his team.

"The big aha for me is that virtual learning can be every bit as interactive and engaging as stand up training. My prior experiences attending virtual training shows that the opposite is also true, lecture oriented training is boring no matter the platform. It's been an eye opener to see how well it can be done. I've found myself leaning forward, totally into the session and wondering "how did the time pass so quickly?" at each session. Wow! Great Job Karen and Lauren!"

Recent Synchronous Facilitation Graduate



Does the prospect of a long virtual training session give you nightmares? Do you worry that your audience will zone out? Using a producer can help you make these sessions sing. Our customer Jennie at EditorialTraining.Net discovered this and more when she recently worked with an InSync producer. As usual our customers say it best. Many thanks to both Helen and Jennie.

"I just completed a full day WebEx session for which Helen Fong was the producer. I just wanted to share with you my appreciation for how well she managed the WebEx interface and interacted with the participants. Her cheerfulness and clear speaking voice contributed a positive tone to the whole session. She was right there with certain “special” slides that I needed her to display in WebEx at exactly the right time. Not once did I say “Helen, could you give us a 4 minute timer for this work session” without a cheerful response and her accurate voice notifications of the time.

She helped keep me on track with a reminder about break time, and has, in the couple of times I have worked with her, given me excellent advice on how to use WebEx and how best to get timely answers from our participants.

I definitely look forward to working with Helen again."

Jennie Ruby
Certified Technical Trainer


Lead the Way - Synchronous Facilitation

Kirsten Ramos of TransUnion recently led the charge for synchronous training within her organization. Great testimonial from another client who is creating a better organization thanks to their new synchronous facilitation skill set.

Thank you Kirsten and WELL DONE!

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this class and I wish it lasted another six weeks!  I can't believe how far I have come in my own confidence to using the WebEx platform and all the tips I have learned to make a truly interactive training session for participants moving forward!  
Last week I facilitated a session with executives and I was comfortable and prepared and it made ALL the difference.  I was seen in my organization as a true leader that led the 90 minutes with interaction and nearly flawless execution.  I couldn't be happier with the results of this class!

Thank you to all of you and especially to Lauren and Karen!!!"

Kirsten Ramos
Training Consultant


Like you're only a cubicle away

Every day, we all face the opportunity and challenge to work in far flung geographic teams. GE Healthcare demonstrates a great example of following April’s blog Rules for a Synchronous Facilitator. Cecilia, thanks for the glowing endorsement. We bet your GE Healthcare students will feel like you are “only a cubicle away” too.

"Thank you for your quality work, support, and commitment to this program.  As a fellow engineer hailing from Alpharetta, GA, it never felt like you were more than a cubicle away.  There was even a point at one of the dry runs, after several hours of Steve, you, and I walking through content, at which I walked back into the conference room and was surprised not to see you sitting there (certainly a challenge over the phone).  Now that is Teamwork – and that is what made the difference!

Thank you for these post-session recommendations.  Day Two went better than Day One, and will become better still with your input.

I wish you the best of successes on future projects with GEHC or elsewhere.  Congratulations for a job well done."

Cecilia Lillegard
Instructional Designer, Technical Training
GE Healthcare Institute



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