How to Go Live! Taking a GREAT Program and Moving it to the Virtual Classroom

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1-hr virtual live lesson

$ 850 USD

for up to 12 learners in a private workshop

Have you been asked to convert that PREMIER classroom training program that gets great reviews and results to the virtual classroom? Yipes! We’ve all been there.  

What if the content isn’t right for virtual?  

And if the program fails, will everyone think it’s your fault?  

The good news is most content can be successfully delivered in the virtual classroom. But you can’t just drop your existing slides into your platform and call it done. You need to consider the content, the design, the platform, and the facilitation team. And of course, how to manage the expectations of your audience and your stakeholders.   

In this session, we’ll discuss:   

  • Setting expectations and managing the change  
  • Determining if your content is a good fit for virtual delivery  
  • Setting your facilitator up for success  
  • Maximizing the instructional partnership between facilitator and producer   
  • Evaluating the success of your program

A successful program is all about planning, so you’ll leave with a check list to help you manage your conversion.   

Yes, we admit this is a lot for one hour. But we are sure it will get you in a mindset for success!  

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