When Virtual Training Underwhelms

Why high standards for training aren't being met in the virtual classroom...
icon-Online Hasnt Caught Up

Online Hasn't Caught Up

Virtual training continues to be a top priority but the online experience isn't living up to your standard for quality training.
icon-Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

In-person training approaches need to be updated for digital learning, which means training outcomes are suffering.
icon-Production & Facilitator Shortage

Production & Facilitator Shortage

You don't have enough in-house, virtual-qualified producers or facilitators to keep up with either demand or quality.

icon-Time & Distance Gaps

Time & Distance Gaps

It's difficult to support training in all the time zones, languages, and cultures where your company operates today (not to mention future locations.)
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Your training standards require...

Your standards require virtual training that engages and consistently delivers learning transfer at the same effective rate (or even better!) as an in-person experience in every time zone, platform, language, and culture.
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Engaging Modern Learners

We wrote the book on virtual training (literally!) and in this informative guide, you'll identify the keys to engaging and delivering real knowledge transfer for learners in the virtual learning era.

What you need to bridge the gap.

You need a way to upskill and support the virtual classroom, company-wide.

  • An instructional skillset that addresses every virtual platform and training context - all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and learner engagement, every time.
  • More than just basic technical support, you need skills that engage and elevate the training experience on any technology.
  • Success that's defined by improved feedback and results from the transition to virtual (instead of just setting lower expectations.)

  • Certified facilitators and producers who deliver at the best-in-industry level and a deep bench to outsource without sacrificing quality.
Three ways L & D is being poorly served.

Mastering technology is only the start of your transition to virtual learning.

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100% In-House Management

Promises to continue your tradition of training excellence, and allows you to keep control of training processes to ensure high standards. But, it can’t keep up with the burden of delivery, and the need to redesign for virtual.

Reliance on Generalized Training Vendors

They promise high capacity or boast platform expertise. But, they deliver mixed quality with staffing that is 100% outsourced. They don't have real virtual training expertise because virtual is just “another thing they do.”
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Rinse & Repeat in the Digital Classroom

The shift to the digital classroom promises greater flexibility, the opportunity for more frequent interaction, and works to reduce travel costs. But the approach of simply transferring what used to work for in-person training doesn't create a digital experience that leads to  performance improvements - it simply doesn't fit the virtual space.

We may not be face-to-face, but we are still people-to-people.

The cutting-edge approach to virtual excellence.

Discover the approach developed by virtual training pioneers that can shape the entire spectrum of virtual learning and best-practice certification to elevate your virtual learning.
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