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Using Storytelling to Engage Workshop

At A Glance

DurationOne 3-hour lesson
Virtual PlatformAdobe® Connect™ & WebEx® Training Center
Retail Price $349.00 USD
Corporate group discounts are available

Program Description

Storytelling has a long, rich history as humankind's most fundamental communication method. From paintings on cave walls and Egyptian hieroglyphs, to oral stories handed down through generations, stories are an intrinsic part of our society and culture.

The art of storytelling is enjoying a big "buzzy" resurgence in modern media. Business executives have begun to recognize how sharing stories can help differentiate their company from the competition by establishing an emotional connection with customers. Likewise, learning professionals are seeking ways to capitalize on the power of stories to enhance learning transfer. Why the sudden focus on storytelling?

Science shows that our brains light up like pinball machines when listening to a story -- and that they settle into a quickie catnap when presented with bullet points. It's tough to learn when your brain is taking a siesta!

Stories give context and help make connections. Stories aid in learning transfer and support the psychological learning process. This workshop will provide you with some practical tools for engaging your audience through storytelling.

Program Level Objectives

On completion of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Grab your audience's attention with your very first sentence.
  • Explain why stories are essential to the learning process.
  • Distinguish the parts of a standard story arc.
  • Compare and contrast a story arc from a presentation arc.
  • Reinterpret standard stories to suit your content.
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