Attendance Policy

Our team of experts designed our certificate and workshop programs for maximum skill-building. Learner participation provides the cornerstone for our modern blended approach. Please review the attendance policy for details regarding the requirements for earning digital badges and CEUs.
We strongly encourage you to attend ALL live lessons. Because we understand that special circumstances may require a missed class occasionally, InSync Training has implemented a policy to accommodate for those situations.
                              MAKEUP WORK REQUIRED
Certificate courses
12 hours or more
  • Watch the missed lesson recording
  • Complete the makeup assignment as outlined in InSync Central
  • Meet all other program requirements
Certificate courses
6 hours or less
  • Watch the missed lesson recordings
  • Complete the makeup assignment as outlined in InSync Central
  • Meet all other program requirements
Self-paced courses
ALL elements must be completed and course work submitted in order to earn the associated badge.
CEUs are not awarded. To earn the digital badge indicating workshop completion, live attendance is required.
If you miss more than the allowable live lesson(s), you have two options:
  1. To earn a digital badge and CEUs: You may attend another public offering either already in progress or during the next 12 months. Arrangements will be made on an individual basis.
  2. To audit without earning a digital badge or CEUs: You may continue attending the current program and receiving project feedback as appropriate, but you will not be eligible to receive the digital badge or the CEUs.
InSync reserves the right to cancel programs that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements. In the event a program must be canceled, we will work with learners to move their enrollments to a future offering. A refund will be issued if rescheduling is not possible for the learner in this case,
If a learner realizes that they are unable to meet the attendance requirements for a program, there are two options:
  1. Transfer enrollment to a future offering of that program at no additional charge.
  2. Transfer enrollment to another person in the organization. This option is available only if the first live lesson of the program has not yet commenced.
After materials have been delivered (including electronic workbooks, textbooks, and other materials), a full refund cannot be provided. A partial refund (75%) will be offered if the participant is not able to reschedule to participate within six months of the original enrollment. No refunds are offered after six months.
A request for a transfer/refund must be made before scheduled class sessions are complete.
Learners enrolled in certificate programs should expect approximately one to two hours of self-directed work, which may include reading, postings, and activities. This work is a requirement for the certificate. A late fee of $250 may be assessed in the event that a learner misses submission deadlines or performance requirements and still wishes to pursue the certificate. Example: if final project deadline is missed, $250 fee to assess.