With over two decades of industry experience, InSync Training leads the pack in delivering quality Virtual Learning Solutions, with a steadfast commitment to prioritizing your workforce's unique learning needs. Instead of the conventional 'one-size-fits-all' approach that dominates our industry, we opt for a personalized, people-first strategy. This is why we are the go-to choice for L&D professionals aiming to keep their hybrid and remote learning teams competitive in an ever-evolving business landscape. With InSync Training, you're not just staying in the game - you're staying ahead of it.

– How we Began –

From The Children’s Television Workshop TO NEXT-LEVEL learner ENGAGEMENT

As a child, InSync Training founder Jennifer Hofmann loved watching shows like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and Schoolhouse Rock. Little did she know that the simplicity, intentionality, and engaging nature of these shows would later guide her career trajectory and life’s work.

After graduating with a degree in business and finance, and then earning her Master’s in Education,  Jennifer’s passion was sparked while working a dot com start-up when she was introduced to early live web-based training initiatives, then called synchronous learning.

With that Change-the-World dot com spirit in her, Jennifer inspired a handful of clients in 2000 to join her new company, InSync Training. And while she had no idea of the boy band they shared the name with, InSync’s quick success said Bye Bye Bye to the competition who were stuck in old models and uninspired methodologies. She knew the live, online classroom was more than just a carbon-copy of the traditional classroom. It was a unique, exciting, learning environment.

To help maintain this pioneering spirit, Jennifer brought veteran educator, Karen Vieth, to the company. She brought invaluable expertise as a virtual training strategist to help Jennifer build out more offerings, oversee the training of InSync’s trainers, and design customized virtual training solutions for clients. In time, Karen became InSync’s CEO and President.

Indeed, Jennifer’s pioneering spirit in this burgeoning field propelled InSync to the forefront of innovation in virtual education—they even coined industry phrases including “producer” and “virtual learning expert,” as well as standardized practices that are now the virtual learning industry norm.

Research Lead


In 2009, under the leadership of fellow learning enthusiast Dr. Chip Dye, InSync incorporated their exclusive, brain-based InQuire Engagement Framework™  as the foundation of their virtual design and delivery approach. This strategic move elevated their training engagement and effectiveness to new heights, cementing their position as industry leaders for over two decades.



Proudly identifying as a women-owned, women-led, and WBENC-Certified organization, InSync remains at the forefront of transforming learning strategies in the ever-changing hybrid work environment. A significant shift in this evolutionary journey was Jennifer's transition from CEO to Chief Strategist in 2024, steering InSync towards future decades of growth and innovation. Alongside this, the promotion of Karen Vieth to CEO, and the elevation of early influencer, Erika Melmed to COO, further strengthened the company's leadership. All the while, InSync continued to benefit from the wisdom and advice of Dr. Chip Dye, setting the stage for continued expansion and achievement.



For more than 20 years, InSync has been empowering organizations to achieve virtual excellence. Meet the Leadership Team which manages and motivates 140+ practitioners worldwide.


Jennifer Hofmann

Founder & Chief Strategist

Karen Vieth

President & CEO

Erika Melmed

Chief Operating Officer

DR. Charles Dye

Director of Research & Corporate Counsel

Cindy Foster

Virtual Training Quality Manager

Jeff Brown

Creative Director

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