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Our resources explain, discuss, and examine all aspects of modern blended learning to help practitioners of all skill levels improve their knowledge.

Master modern learning using our extensive library of complimentary resources. Explore Virtually There session recordings, infographics, whitepapers, videos, and podcasts supporting topics related to virtual classrooms and blended learning.

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What’s new in modern blended learning? Check out our Getting InSync blog for timely insight into key topics like instructional design, virtual classrooms, global teams, facilitation, and more. Expert contributors make sure you’re in the L&D loop.

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Book Shelf

InSync Training’s founder Jennifer Hofmann has authored a variety of books that provide valuable information on many important virtual and blended learning subjects.

Order many of the books you see below, as well as, future publications directly from Jennifer’s Amazon Author Page.

Engaging Modern Learners

Does your expectation of how you learn align with what it was 20 years ago? Of course not! Bring your training programs into the future through push training and pull learning. Purchase Jennifer Hofmann’s Engaging Modern Learners eBook from Amazon for a modern approach to learner engagement.

What Works in Talent Development: Blended Learning

Jennifer Hofmann, President of InSync Training, has written the definitive guide to blended learning! Pre-order your copy of her contribution to the Association for Talent Development’s What Works series and be one of the first to receive your copy when the book becomes available in February 2018.

The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide

The Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide is a hands on resource for enhancing your real time e learning sessions. Written by Jennifer Hofmann, a synchronous training leader, it is the first and only book focusing solely on this emerging training method.

Live and Online!

Live and Online! offers the key to designing effective interactions for the synchronous classroom. This ensures that participants have ample opportunity to collaborate and interact, which in turn helps them to successfully learn online.

Tailored Learning: Designing The Blend That Fits

Tailored Learning addresses today’s completely changed training realities in a unique way. Readers are offered a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective as two seasoned learning professionals redesign a traditional, classroom-based new-hire sales training program for a networked, tech-savvy audience.

Infoline: Blended Learning

Infoline defines blended learning and discusses the importance of not only using a variety of delivery methods, but of understanding which methods best suit your objective. This issue of Infoline will help you ensure your blended learning design will be successful on paper before transferring it to a variety of delivery technologies.