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The Pioneer in Organizational Virtual Training 

InSync Training is the leader in designing, delivering, and supporting top-tier virtual learning solutions for organizations worldwide. As the pioneer of the field, we have empowered thousands of organizations and individuals to transform how they train and support their people through virtual and hybrid learning programs. Offering both train-the-trainer and customized training solutions across all platforms and time zones, we are the award-winning experts in ensuring learner engagement and long-term retention.

Key to our approach is the research-based InQuire Engagement Framework™, our proprietary methodology that leverages our breakthrough research on learner engagement to ensure optimal learning experiences that lead to stronger knowledge retention, better skills development, and improved business results.

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Our Approach

Central to our approach is the InQuire Engagement Framework™. This proprietary methodology leverages our breakthrough research on learner engagement to ensure optimal learning experiences that lead to stronger knowledge retention, better skills development, and improved business results. As opposed to passive participation, our learners are thrust into an active role as they engage with, analyze, and apply the knowledge they acquire. We also deploy a thorough evaluation process to ensure learners have retained and can bring this new knowledge back to their jobs.

Our boutique ethos ensures a focus on precision and quality, sidestepping the one-size-fits-all solutions that often plague the virtual education industry.

Our Virtual Learning Experts™ can handle all your training needs, from curriculum ideation and course design to virtual facilitation and train-the-trainer programs to coordinating scheduling and production.


While our practices are steeped in innovative pedagogical research, all our training programs are intentionally accessible to ensure they resonate with modern corporate culture. Our team can adeptly tackle any topic, including compliance and technical training, and turn it into captivating content delivered with finesse. 

Yet, what truly delineates InSync Training is our strategic and solution-oriented approach. Beyond merely presenting courses, we delve deep, pinpointing and addressing the gaps in your virtual learning strategy. By championing robust facilitation, precise content, and steadfast learning support, we ensure every facet of our “Virtual Training Triangle” synergizes, transcending mere learning to create genuine behavioral transformation.


Solutions Overview

At InSync Training, we offer top-tier solutions that transform an organization’s virtual and hybrid learning experiences. These offerings include accredited train-the-trainer certificate programs and customized virtual learning services. They are all designed to ensure optimal engagement, effective learning transfer, and long-term retention.


How we Started


As a child, InSync Training founder Jennifer Hofmann loved watching educational children’s shows like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and Schoolhouse Rock. Little did she know that the simplicity, intentionality, and engaging nature of these shows would later guide her career trajectory and life’s work.

After graduating from college with a degree in business and finance, Jennifer discovered her passion for adult education while participating in a management training program at an insurance company. She got a further taste for it when she joined a start-up working in part on the earliest versions of live web-based training, then called synchronous learning.  

Although the start-up folded during the height of the dot com boom, Jennifer still believed virtual education would be the future of how organizations train their employees. Resilient and vision-driven, she took a couple of clients with her and, in 2000, founded InSync Training. Unbeknownst to her, a popular boy band shared the name of “NSYNC.” Often asked if she was a fan of the band, Jennifer responded that her goal was for the company to outlast them.

Indeed, it did — and Jennifer became a pioneer in the burgeoning field of virtual education. In 2002, she self-published the book The Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide, which was republished under the Pfieffer imprint in 2004. She also coined many industry phrases like “producer” and “virtual learning expert,” as well as standardized practices in virtual learning that are now the industry norm.


A workplace ahead of its time 

InSync’s client base steadily grew through the 2000s, attracting several Fortune 100 companies, healthcare organizations, and IT companies as loyal clients. Under Jennifer’s direction, InSync expanded to include accredited train-the-trainer certificate programs and customized virtual learning services on every learning platform and time zone.

Ahead of its time, InSync’s team has always been fully remote, women-owned, and women-managed. A passionate advocate for women, Jennifer created a company culture that empowered women to maintain a professional resume while working from home and create true work-life balance before hybrid and flexible work models were en vogue. In 2007, this attracted veteran educator Karen Vieth to the company, where she initially worked as a part-time facilitator while staying at home with her three young sons. Karen’s expertise as a virtual training strategist proved invaluable as she helped Jennifer build out more offerings, oversee the training of InSync’s trainers, and design customized virtual training solutions for clients. In time, Karen became InSync’s Vice-President of Learning Solutions.

In 2009, Chip Dye came on board to help lead an international project for a major client. Chip, a Navy veteran who had overseen the submarine learning center and implemented the Navy’s first learning management system, shared Jennifer’s love of learning. In 2011 he returned to school for his PhD in cognitive psychology, which is the study of how people learn effectively. That same year, Erika Melmed joined to help Chip with operations as he focused on his PhD work. 

New research changes the field

Chip’s breakthrough dissertation in 2019 introduced a scientific framework for measuring learner engagement in a virtual setting. His research would become the basis of the InQuire Engagement Framework™, the proprietary educational method that helps make InSync’s training programs the most effective in the field.

As the world has changed since Jennifer first founded InSync Training in 2000, so did the demands for virtual learning. In the company's early years, Jennifer’s prospective clients often questioned the need for her offerings.  Yet virtual learning proved essential for keeping organizations running smoothly during crises like September 11, the Great Recession, and the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, companies worldwide understand the importance of virtual learning to maintain operations, placing InSync at the forefront of modern workplace transformation.


What hasn’t changed for Jennifer is her passion for delivering outstanding educational programming so that learners can retain and apply new knowledge at their jobs. "Most people want to do a good job, and they want to know they can succeed and move forward in their careers,” she says. “Virtual training provides that knowledge to help them reach their full potential. At InSync, we are committed to helping organizations make that happen for their workforce.”

A new era of leadership begins

In 2024, InSync announced a leadership transition for continued growth and innovation. After leading the company for over two decades, Jennifer stepped down as President and CEO. As Chief Strategist, she now leverages her vast experience to guide InSync’s direction. Karen Vieth, who also has over two decades of experience in virtual training, now leads InSync as its President and CEO alongside COO Erika Melmed. Dr Charles Dye, who previously worked as Technical Director, assumed the role of Director of Research alongside his position as Corporate Counsel.

“The changes we implemented are designed to position us for continued growth and success in the virtual training solutions sector,” Jennifer says. “I am excited about this transition's new opportunities and look forward to contributing to our ongoing innovation and operational excellence.”


Executive Team Bios


Jennifer Hofmann

Founder & Chief Strategist

Dr. Charles Dye

Director of Research & Corporate Counsel

Karen Vieth

President & CEO

Erika Melmed

Chief Operating Officer

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