Virtual Learning Expert

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Sixteen 2-hour live lessons over three programs, evaluated final projects, and self-directed activities and lessons

$3600 USD

To receive the discounted price for the VLE program you must register for all three programs at once. After referring to the course calendar please email for personalized registration assistance. Include your preferred dates for each of the three currently scheduled programs. The registrar will contact you directly to finalize registration and payment.

Virtual training is about more than showing up with slides, turning on the video, and hoping people learn. Effective virtual training takes specialized design techniques, facilitation mastery, and strong production support. Somebody needs to be the expert in your organization – why not you?

InSync Training’s industry-recognized Virtual Learning ExpertTM (VLE) curriculum enhances the ability of participating training professionals to design, deliver, and implement effective live virtual training.

The VLE is grounded in the InQuire Engagement FrameworkTM, a three-pronged approach to maximizing engagement of all learners in the virtual classroom. The framework, an ongoing research effort at InSync, is designed to optimize an organization’s existing training and provide a new construct for creating training programs that work in today’s
hybrid workplace and “virtual first” approach to training and employee development.

Earning the Virtual Learning ExpertTM Designation requires successful completion of the three programs. Enroll for each accredited certificate individually or purchase the VLE Certification Bundle for $3600 USD, a $450 discount from the price of purchasing each certificate individually.


Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series - 22-1
Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery: This IACET accredited certificate immerses facilitators in the best practices of virtual classroom facilitation by providing the tools,
models, and experiences they need to be successful.
• Six 2-hour live lessons, personalized coaching, evaluated one-hour teachback, and self-directed
• $1,600 USD per learner; group discounts available for teams.
• To learn more about this individual certificate, click here.



Virtual Classroom Design Mastery: This IACET accredited certificate provides the design
models practitioners need to ensure authentic learning takes place in the virtual classroom
• Six 2-hour live lessons, evaluated final project which includes the creation of a leader
guide optimized for the virtual environment, and self-directed activities and lessons.
• $1,700 USD per learner; group discounts available for teams.
• To learn more about this individual certificate, click here.

Master Virtual Producer - 22


Master Virtual Producer: This IACET accredited certificate focuses on the skills a producer
needs to ensure a successful delivery of virtual programs, including managing the learning
environment, participating as an instructional partner, and being the advocate for the
• Three 2-hour live lessons and self-directed activities, including a guided reflection paper
detailing the individual’s experience as a producer.
• $750 USD per learner; group discounts available for teams.
• To learn more about this individual certificate, click here.



Capstone Reflection: After successful completion of the three required programs, VLE candidates will submit a guided reflection which includes a self- assessment of their own skills, and how they have changed, plus a summary of how they will continue to improve their skills.

VLE Certification Bundle: When you enroll for VLE Certification Bundle, you will receive vouchers to attend the Virtual Facilitation Mastery, Virtual Design Mastery, and Master Virtual Producer accredited certificate programs. After enrollment, you will receive a personal email from our Training Assistant to schedule your sessions. Programs can be taken in any order.


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