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From Analysis to Evaluation

by Dr. Jane Bozarth

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Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this book provides invaluable insights and practical tools to elevate your training effectiveness. With over 70 meticulously crafted tools and contributions from industry experts, this guide is your essential go-to resource for enhancing all of your training programs for greater impact and learner engagement.

Highlights of the Book

Comprehensive Toolkit: Gain access to over 70 practical tools, including needs analysis forms, lesson plan templates, and evaluation checklists.


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I really like the idea of a cookbook of practical training tips and Ms. Bozarth is the best person to edit it. You can tell that people who contributed their ideas and materials are real working trainers and their stuff has already been useful for some of my classes. Pair this with Ms. Bozarth's other two books and you have a great training library.
Bill Brantley
This is an excellent book. Written by a professional who has been there and bought the t-shirt. Massive amount of examples. It will pay for itself in time saved in one course alone.

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Tool2 Key Image
Tool 2:
Data Gathering Strategies

Simplifies data collection with comprehensive strategies, ensuring thorough needs analysis and effective training decisions. Perfect for gathering critical data from learners and stakeholders.



Tool4 Key Image
Tool 4:
Training Assistance Request Worksheet

Streamlines training requests by collecting essential details for efficient planning and effective solutions. Ideal for organizing comprehensive training needs.



Tool23 Key Image
Tool 23:
Course Design Worksheet

Plans and organizes course content efficiently, creating structured, engaging training sessions. Ideal for designing captivating courses.


Tool24 Key Image
Tool 24:
Lesson Plan Development Checklist

Ensures comprehensive lesson planning and content organization for cohesive and engaging training sessions. Ideal for structured lesson design.



Tool37 Key Image
Tool 37:
Instructional Methods

Offers diverse teaching strategies, enhancing learner engagement and understanding. Ideal for integrating various instructional methods in training.



Tool59 Key Image
Tool 59:
Principles of Online Design Checklist

Ensures adherence to best practices in online course design, enhancing user experience and learning outcomes. Ideal for effective online training design.



Tool64 Key Image
Tool 64:
Training Logistics Action Items

Manages logistical aspects of training sessions, ensuring smooth and organized delivery. Ideal for efficient training implementation.



Tool66 Key Image
Tool 66:
Speaker Session Profile Worksheet

Organizes and collects comprehensive speaker and presentation details, ensuring smooth and professional training events. Ideal for event coordination.



Tool70 Key Image
Tool 70:
Course Daily Reflection

Facilitates continuous improvement through daily self-evaluation and reflection, enhancing training quality and effectiveness. Ideal for regular feedback and adjustments in training programs.


Tool73 Key Image
Trainer Evaluation of Session/Learners

Provides structured checklists for comprehensive training evaluation, ensuring thorough assessment and improvement of training programs. Ideal for measuring training effectiveness.




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