Certificate Programs

Master The Modern Classroom

InSync’s accredited certificate programs provide an immersive blended learning experience where learners practice techniques, receive individualized feedback, and are assessed on the mastery of their new skills.

The way we teach and learn is constantly evolving. Ensure your learners are successful in the modern workplace by investing in your professional development.

We can customize our certificate programs and provide private group courses. Please get in touch with us about all of our services.


Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series

Immerse yourself in live online learning facilitation best practice with the hands-on, authentic, and engaging Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series. Using tools, models, practical experience, and expert guidance, learn how to use virtual classroom tools to support two-way constant communication and collaboration, create learner engagement through questioning and specialized facilitation techniques, and much more.

Virtual Classroom Facilitation Fundamentals

Avoid long lectures and unengaged learners in your live online training sessions. Learn and practice the basics of virtual classroom facilitation in Facilitation Fundamentals part of our Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series. During this innovative virtual classroom program, facilitators master: leveraging virtual classroom tools to encourage learner engagement, two-way communication, and constructive social collaboration, building and fostering instructional partnerships.

Virtual Classroom Facilitation Applications

Build on your foundational facilitation skills by improving your technique to ensure learning transfer occurs in the virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom Facilitation Applications guides you in creating a successful modern virtual learning environment. Upon completion of this short form program, you will be able to use questioning and facilitation techniques that build relationships with your learners, and prepare and deliver interactive, engaging virtual programs.

Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series

Explore the design models that provide authentic virtual classroom learning, and work through hands-on application of engagement, interaction, and collaboration approaches. Through tools, practical application, social collaboration, and coaching, master: A four-step instructional design technique that aligns learning objectives with authentic treatments, engaging modern learners using interaction and collaboration modes, and designing and developing instructional activities that leverage virtual classroom tools.

Virtual Classroom Design Fundamentals

Transform boring webinars into authentic virtual training through purposeful instructional design. Become proficient in generating learner engagement and creating content appropriate for the virtual classroom. During this experiential live virtual program, instructional designers learn to create true learning and engagement in the virtual classroom, and use a four-step instructional design technique for aligning learning objectives with authentic instructional treatments.

Virtual Classroom Design Applications

Leverage assessments in your blended learning instructional designs to hold modern learners accountable for their skill building. Advanced design for live online learning creates programs with improved results and learner retention. Over the course of Design Applications, program learners explore holding learners accountable through assessment and debriefing, critiquing virtual training designs to meet adult learning principles.

Master Virtual Producer Certificate

When it comes to live, online learning, our organizations know that we have to make it work, and quickly! Producers make this transition easier, and when utilized as instructional partners, change the training game. Upon completing this program, Master Virtual Producers have the skills to define and demonstrate their roles and responsibilities as both instructional and technical producer, and support a wide variety of session leaders.

Advanced Virtual Classroom Techniques Certificate

Become the virtual training expert in your organization with the “Virtual Learning Comprehensive.” Combine instructional design, facilitation, measurement and evaluation, and Adult Learning Theory into a cohesive modern learning toolkit. At the conclusion of this accredited program, you will have the skills to: Create learning objectives assesable in the virtual classroom, determine whether activities apply Adult Learning Principles, and much more.

Virtual Learning Expert Certification

Participate in the industry-recognized Virtual Learning Expert Certification curriculum to enhance your virtual classroom design, delivery, and implementation skills. This comprehensive certification includes three live online training programs: Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series, Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series, Advanced Virtual Classroom Techniques. This program focuses on critical modern learning techniques and skills.