Dr. Charles Dye

Director of Research & Corporate Counsel


As Director of Research at InSync Training, Dr. Chip Dye oversees the implementation of cutting-edge educational research and best practices into all of InSync’s virtual training programs. Drawing from over 25 years of experience in education, including pivotal roles in the United States Navy, Chip works at the nexus of technical know-how and deep pedagogical understanding. This unique combination positions him as a driving force behind InSync's cutting-edge virtual learning solutions.
Chip's academic journey began at Cornell University, where he studied mathematics and computer science. After his graduation, he served in the Navy, where he initially drove submarines and later took on Navy intelligence assignments, both domestically and overseas. On his last tour with the Navy, he worked with a team to develop the first learning management system for the Navy. Their goal: To enhance and simplify the Navy’s training processes, encompassing everything from administrative tasks to the direct delivery of lessons for diverse crews. On concluding his active duty, Chip transitioned into the defense sector. As a contractor, he was pivotal in advancing the Integrated Learning Environment (ILA) – a state-of-the-art platform now serving over 600,000 users in the Navy.
In 2009, Chip joined InSync Training to support operations as the company experienced rapid growth. Entrusted with spearheading the logistics of a virtual learning program for a multinational corporation in the IT sector, Chip navigated the nuances of cross-cultural training and the evolving landscape of digital education. This endeavor ignited his passion for cognitive psychology, prompting him to delve deeper into understanding how people learn. 
Returning to academia, he earned a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Connecticut. His groundbreaking 2019 dissertation focused on creating a scientific framework for measuring learner engagement in a virtual setting. This framework became the foundation for the InQuire Engagement Framework™, InSync’s proprietary methodology that ensures optimal learning experiences leading to stronger knowledge retention, better skills development, and improved business results.
In addition to his doctorate, Chip also holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics from Johns Hopkins and a law degree from the University of Connecticut. Today, as InSync's Director of Research and also Corporate Counsel,  Chip continues to merge his vast naval experience with his academic prowess, ensuring that InSync Training remains at the forefront of innovative virtual learning solutions. His role encompasses refining learning strategies, integrating technical advancements, and, most importantly, fostering an environment where learners thrive.