Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series


  • Six  2-hour live virtual lessons
  • Personalized coaching
  • Self-directed activities
  • Final Project - Teachback

Interested in earning your virtual trainer certification? Learn to lead successful virtual events from the organization that set the industry standard for virtual facilitation training.

Trainers in the hybrid workplace must be able to deliver engaging and interactive virtual training sessions. This program offers you the chance to become Certified Virtual Classroom Facilitators.

You will practice the necessary skills to ensure engagement and successful virtual classrooms experiences. The best part? InSync's Virtual Learning Expert's will model excellence every step of the way.


Here's how to learn more about becoming a certified virtual trainer and facilitator.

Register now to become a Certified Virtual Classroom Facilitator and take your learning and development skills to the next level. Get the best tools you need to succeed in virtual online learning.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:

1. Effectively use virtual tools and techniques to enhance learner engagement.

2. Demonstrate the competencies needed to be effective.

3. Nurture emotional engagement to create psychological safety.

4. Use their voice to meaningfully connect with the audience.

5. Apply expert facilitation techniques to foster environmental engagement.

6. Effectively manage technology issues during virtual classes.

7. Stimulate intellectual engagement.

8. Collaborate with a producer to optimize learner engagement.

9. Personalize the learning environment to cater to the diverse needs of the audience.

Participants in the Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series will lead a one-hour virtual session. This session will serve as a demonstration of their virtual facilitation proficiency. A Virtual Learning Expert will provide personalized coaching and feedback. At the end of this process, participants will earn their virtual facilitation certification.





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“ I had a completely rewarding experience with InSync Training’s Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery program. The content taught me new information about pre-learning event preparation. Whether you are brand new to the virtual classroom, or like me, have previous experience, I recommend this course.” --Kelsey Moore, InSync Learner

02/08/24 - Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series
Thursdays via Zoom Meeting
2 pm - 4 pm (New York)
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04/04/24 - Virtual Classroom Facilitation Mastery Series
Thursdays via Zoom Meeting
2 pm - 4 pm (New York)
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