Erika Melmed

Chief Operating Officer


Erika Melmed is the Chief Operating Officer of InSync Training, where she has played an essential role in optimizing the operations and processes that enable our team members to help clients worldwide achieve their goals through virtual training.

Erika's expertise stems from an array of diverse roles across education, technology, and policy work that she has embraced throughout her career. Starting as a residential school program director, she made significant contributions to the National Coalition on Health Care, a think tank in Washington, DC, advocating for universal healthcare over a decade before the Affordable Care Act was passed. Later, at Reuters, she helped manage the technical production of its website in the early days of online news coverage. Erika’s adaptability continued to shine as she took on roles ranging from a technical editor and project director at the US Pharmacopoeia to coding for Google's online products to providing tech support during Apple's first-ever iPhone release.

Shortly after moving to Connecticut with her young family, Erika’s path fortuitously crossed with Jennifer Hofmann, the founder of InSync Training. Initially joining the company as a producer, Erika quickly ascended the ranks due to her experience in project and organizational management. Over time, she transitioned from project management to operations leadership.

A strong academic foundation supports Erika's operational expertise. With an MBA from the University of Maryland, she understands the nuances of business and has mastered the art of project management, a skill she honed further with her PMP certification. 

Today, at InSync, Erika is instrumental in every facet of operations. Her responsibilities include sales enablement, business analysis, process management, goal setting, and budget management. With a hand in both the strategy and its execution, Erika remains a central figure in driving InSync's mission forward.