Essential Training Toolkit:

Five Instructional Design Tools

Excerpts from Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips & Techniques for Trainers

Unlock the full potential of your training programs with our comprehensive toolkit designed for today's multifaceted training professionals. Whether you're an analyzer, designer, trainer, or evaluator, the North Carolina Certified Training Specialist course's core principle—“Learner First, Situation Second, Content Third”—guides every aspect of effective training.

Tools Included:

ANALYZE: World’s Quickest Training Needs Analysis
DESIGN: Training Design Time Estimate Worksheet
DEVELOP: How to Write an Instructor Guide
IMPLEMENT: Trainer Skills Assessment
EVALUATE: Strategies for Evaluating Training Results



Download this toolkit which includes a sampling of instructional design tools in each category – contributed by REAL practitioners – to help ensure your virtual training program is a success. It’s a sampling of the tools in each category of the book: Analysis to Evaluation:  Tools, Tips and Techniques for Trainers by Jane Bozarth