Karen Vieth

President & CEO


As the President and CEO of InSync Training, Karen Vieth empowers organizations worldwide to harness the power of virtual learning to improve their business outcomes. Drawing on more than twenty years of working with adult learners and empowering trainers to teach more effectively,

Karen is a leader in advancing virtual education. Her education journey began with teaching K-12. Yet teaching educators proved to be her true passion, which Karen recognized when she became a team leader for her educational district. She quickly ascended to become the curriculum and teacher trainer at Memphis City Schools, where she handled all of its teacher training initiatives. 
Intending to become a principal, Karen pursued her to pursue her master's in leadership development and curriculum design. Yet her path took an unexpected turn when her master's thesis research on game theory in education caught the eye of an organization, leading Karen to a consulting role at Lightspan Inc., now known as Edmentum. 

In 2000, Karen first experienced the power of virtual learning. Her consultation with the Ohio Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, an online charter school designed for terminally ill children, tasked her with teaching and consulting teachers to replicate the traditional classroom experience in a virtual setting. At first, Karen was skeptical about virtual training. Yet, as she delved deeper, she realized the vast potential of virtual training, allowing her to uniquely and profoundly connect with learners.

Karen's expertise in virtual training soon caught the attention of Jennifer Hofmann, the founder of InSync Training. Initially introduced to the organization to upskill her former company's consultants in virtual training techniques, Karen formally joined InSync in 2007. At InSync, Karen has worn many hats, including producer, facilitator, designer, and director, and vice president. Yet, in every role, she has had the same mission: prioritizing the connection with learners to ensure the best outcomes.

Today, as President & CEO, Karen continues to drive forward the mission of InSync Training, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of innovative virtual training solutions. Her responsibilities include creating customized learning solutions to meet clients' business goals, managing InSync's client-facing team, overseeing quality assurance,  and planning the company's growth strategy alongside founder and president Jennifer Hofmann.

Outside of InSync, Karen has sat on the HR.com Future Technology Advisory Board and the IACET Conference Board. She is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators, is a certified coach, and holds a national board certification in teaching.