May, 13th-17th 2024

Learning at Work Week.

Empower and Engage: Free Learning Resources for Every Team in 2024

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May 13, 2024 10am ET

Learn How To
Engage Online

May 14, 2024 10am ET

Ask the Virtual
Learning Experts

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May 15, 2024 10am ET

Virtual Learning
is Real Learning

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May 16, 2024 10am ET

Stop Surviving,
Start Thriving 


with Vivien Hudson

May 17, 2024 10am ET

Nature-Based Relaxation and Your Performance


with Faye Krippner

Empower Your Success:

Discover Free Virtual Learning Sessions That Transform Teams




Learn How To Engage Online

May 13, 2024 10am ET
"Ready, Set, Learn How to Engage Online!" This interactive workshop is designed to demystify the live online learning experience and virtual classroom technology. You'll learn how to effectively use technology for communication and collaboration, while also intentionally addressing learner engagement on multiple levels. The course will also guide you in creatively developing ideas that foster cultural awareness and inclusivity in your hybrid courses. 


Ask the Virtual Learning Experts

May 14, 2024 10am ET
Join us for a panel discussion to find out more about our Virtual Learning Experts as part of Learning at Work Week.
This interactive webinar will explore how the roles of Instructional Designer, Facilitator and Producer work together, applying our proven Brain-Science based, proprietary methodologies to deliver engaging and powerful learning experiences.


Virtual Learning is Real Learning

May, 15 2024 10am ET
This interactive session will elevate your virtual classroom designs. We will introduce you to the Principles of Brain-Based Learning and their pivotal role in fostering effective learning transfer, application, and three essential types of learner engagement.


Stop Surviving, Start Thriving with Vivien Hudson

May 16, 2024 10am ET
Stressed? Pressured? Time Poor?
You're juggling work, family, and a never-ending to-do list, and making time for you and your health keeps getting pushed to the back burner. Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone. But guess what? It's time to flip the script and prioritize YOU because your life depends on it.


Nature-Based Relaxation and Your Performance with Faye Krippner

May 17, 2024 10am ET
In this relaxing workshop, we will explore the effects of nature-based relaxation on creativity and focused thinking. We will use nature meditations and self massage techniques to demonstrate the relaxing effects that can happen at the speed of thought.