Virtually There Workshops

Virtually There Workshops

We can customize our workshops and provide private group courses. Please get in touch with us about all our services.

Learn How To Learn Online Workshop

“It was like being in a real class!” Discover the power and capability of the virtual classroom in our Learn How to Learn Online workshop. Interact with peers, learn from an expert facilitator, and experiment with virtual classroom technology functionality. Over the course of an hour, you’ll experience the virtual classroom as it’s meant to be: an effective, impactful learning environment.

Virtually There Team Workshops

Modern learning’s a complex landscape, complete with mobile learning, virtual classrooms, EdTech, and blended training. Our Virtually There team workshop series provides your team with a foundation and targeted information on key modern learning topics.


Maximizing Adobe Connect Workshop

Delivering a complex technical virtual training program? Introducing live online new-hire orientation sessions? Learn to harness the power of Adobe Connect to create maximally effective virtual classroom training events. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the skills to focus on learner experience rather than managing the technology.

Maximizing WebEx Training Center Workshop

Learn how to take advantage of the feature-rich tools available in WebEx Training Center. In this authentically designed workshop, you’ll learn from an expert facilitator and collaborate with peers to use virtual classroom technology to engage modern learners.

Virtual Classroom Survival School

Build fundamental skills essential to navigating and supporting the modern virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom Survival School introduces learners to this unique learning environment, familiarizes them with platform tools, and explores how to generate learner interaction and engagement. Your team will gain the skills to use virtual classroom collaboration tools effectively, and create a supportive virtual classroom learning environment.

Blended Learning Design Workshop

Looking to maximize learning opportunities while minimizing costs? To combat ineffective programs, organizations are asking their instructional designers to create blended learning that meets or exceeds results achieved in traditional settings. Participate in our Blended Learning Design workshop to learn how to flip the classroom and apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to select content delivery methods. Through expert instruction and concept application, you’ll build practical skills.