Virtual Classroom Personalized Coaching

Create a personal learning journey

Boost confidence in your own facilitation, design, and support skills and become the go-to virtual learning expert in your company.

InSync provides a variety of personalized coaching services that help create an engaging modern learning experience that is successful in virtual classrooms globally.

Our team of Virtual Learning Experts employ our research-driven InQuire Engagement Framework™ to conquer the challenge of maintaining learner engagement. This three-pronged approach enhances an organization’s current training by integrating a cutting-edge strategy that thrives in today’s hybrid workplace environment.

Elevate individual expertise with personalized coaching in virtual facilitation, design, and support.

Pre-coaching observation
Goal setting and needs assessment
Rehearsal and practice sessions
Post-coaching observation
Area-specific walk throughs, guidance, and content review
We train in any platform
Don't see the platform you are looking for? Ask!
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