Virtual Classroom Production Services

Ensure a seamless learning event.

Need some help behind the scenes?

Get the support you need to maximize virtual learning outcomes in every culture, time zone and platform.

Our global team of producers provide expert hosting and production support to ensure a seamless virtual experience.

Empower your facilitators or subject matter experts to concentrate on the quality of the conversation and content in their live online learning sessions by introducing our expert virtual classroom producers to your instructional team.

Lesson rehearsals and session walk-throughs with facilitators or SMEs
Pre-session run through of materials and tech check for learners
Learner technical support during the session, including recording session, fielding Q&A and chat, and basic technical support
Instructional support through active lesson support and scripted dialog delivery
Breakout room facilitation, detailed virtual classroom tool instructions for learners, chat review, and summary
Post-session debrief with facilitators, delivery of course chat log, attendance report, and recording link
We train in any platform
Don't see the platform you are looking for? Ask!
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