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  • We train in any platform
  • Fixed price per session available for production/hosting
  • Instructional design for every need
  • We support 20+ languages
  • Virtual classroom assessment and coaching




Facilitation Services

Tailored for you.


Do you have the team you need to deliver global programs quickly – to all time zones with the right language support?

Add InSync to your facilitation team and we’ll ensure learning transfer and foster learner engagement in the virtual classroom environment.

Our global team of experts provides expertise in topics like onboarding, leadership, software training, and more.

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  • Audience assessment

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews and/or focus group meetings

  • Facilitator resourcing and scheduling

  • Walk-through with SME and/or course designer

  • Rehearsal with support services

  • Virtual classroom design recommendations

  • Delivery of your virtual content

  • Train-the-trainer/facilitator coaching

  • Post-delivery debrief and recommendations



Production Services

Ensure a seamless learning event

Need some help behind the scenes?

Get the support you need to maximize virtual learning outcomes in every culture, time zone and platform.

Our global team of producers provide expert hosting and production support to ensure a seamless virtual experience.

Empower your facilitators or subject matter experts to concentrate on the quality of the conversation and content in their live online learning sessions by introducing our expert virtual classroom producers to your instructional team.

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  • Lesson rehearsals and session walk-throughs with facilitators or SMEs

  • Pre-session run through of materials and tech check for learners

  • Learner technical support during the session, including recording session, fielding Q&A and chat, and basic technical support

  • Instructional support through active lesson support and scripted dialog delivery

  • Breakout room facilitation, detailed virtual classroom tool instructions for learners, chat review, and summary

  • Post-session debrief with facilitators, delivery of course chat log, attendance report, and recording link



Instructional Design

Design for more than a webinar

Are your programs not living up to your expectations?

Invest in program designs that maximize engagement and ensure learning happen.

 Designing for the modern classroom requires an understanding of modern instructional strategies, techniques, and technologies. Instructional design is more critical than ever.

InSync’s experienced team applies industry-leading innovative, research-based techniques, design strategies, and best practice based on the InQuire Engagement FrameworkTM to develop highly engaging, performance-based training program, maximized for the virtual classroom.

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  • Review and analysis of audience, subject matter expert content, existing content and materials.

  • Program introduction via design walk-throughs, debriefing, event piloting, and train-the-trainer support.

  • Material and content design, scripting, asset creation, learner and facilitator support materials, and learning environment recommendations.



Translation & Localisation

Ensure global engagement

Are your global learners fully engaged with your content?

Our expert partner, Comtech, ensure your training materials are culturally relevant and accessible.

Comtec experts provide comprehensive support.

In addition to top-notch translation services, Comtec also incorporates localization services into their approach. Moving beyond word-for-word translation, Comtec’s team considers cultural nuances, colloquial terms, and a broad array of features for adapting learning materials and content for improved global training outcomes.

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  • Includes over 200 languages, including Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, and more.

  • Follows rigorous quality procedures for selecting the best linguist for your project

  • Addresses the unique needs associated with the field or industry the content addresses

  • Covers digital, print, video, eLearning, and instructor materials



Personal Virtual Classroom Coaching

Create a personal learning journey

Are you interested in a critical assessment of your virtual classroom skills?

Elevate individual expertise with personalized coaching in virtual facilitation, design, and support.

InSync can help individual facilitators, producers, and instructional designers excel in creating modern learning experiences.

We offer a variety of coaching services for learning and development practitioners looking to improve their skills in the virtual classroom.

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  • Pre-coaching observation

  • Goal setting and needs assessment

  • Rehearsal and practice sessions

  • Post-coaching observation

  • Area-specific walk throughs, guidance, and content review



Team Assessment
And Coaching

Customize a training solution for your Virtual Training Team

Are you looking for a training solution that is targeted for your team’s specific needs?

Create a custom learning path for your virtual training team based on an in-depth assessment of your current virtual design and delivery capabilities.

This offering combines targeted consulting, personalized coaching, and customized training to create appropriate and effective training solutions. Our Virtual Learning CoachesTM focus on maximizing the skills of your team and the design of your existing programs to take full advantage of the virtual learning environment.

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  • Assessment of design or facilitation

  • Individual and group data analysis

  • One-on-one 1-hour long Coaching session

  • Personalized group and individual learning paths

  • Post-assessment evaluating: facilitation or design

  • Ongoing coaching based on post assessments needs analysis

We train in any platform.

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