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When Virtual Classrooms Become Virtually Required:

InSync has observed rapid adoption by businesses of virtual training and collaboration. When it is too resource intensive or inefficient to travel and bring people together, it’s virtual classrooms to the rescue.

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How To Make Brain-Science Work in the Virtual Classroom: Applying the InQuire Engagement Framework

After more than two decades of virtual training, training professionals are still struggling to ensure learning is really happening in the virtual space. To fill the gaps, we add more tool interactions and external gizmos, and hope we happen upon a design and facilitation approach that works....

One hour live virtual lesson

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The Rise of the App: Integrating Rich Additional Content into Zoom, Webex, and MS Teams Sessions

As many of the different platforms we use to deliver content virtually continue to evolve, a new trend has emerged: The App. The introduction of Applications within MS Teams and now Webex and Zoom is allowing us new ways of interacting with attendees without having to use external tools. In this...

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Ask The Expert: Facilitation Excellence in the Virtual Classroom

The pandemic forced many of us into the virtual classroom. We have survived but now what … we thought we would be back to face-to-face; however, we now find ourselves planning for more and more virtual sessions. It looks like virtual training is here to stay, so let’s embrace it and make our...

One hour live virtual lesson

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