Virtually There Complimentary Programs

Virtually There Complimentary Programs

Explore key modern learning topics in our complimentary Virtually There series! Hosted by subject matter experts, including Jennifer Hofmann and Jane Bozarth. Each session focuses on emerging L&D trends, fundamental skills, and practitioner pro-tips to help you design, facilitate, and manage training programs.

We record each event, and make the replay available in our Modern Learning Resource Library. Event registrants also receive additional support materials like infographics, whitepapers, tools, and job aids. See you online!

Learn How to Learn Online (LHTLO)

“It was like being in a real class!” Discover the power and capability of the virtual classroom in our Learn How to Learn Online workshop. Interact with peers, learn from an expert facilitator, and experiment with virtual classroom technology functionality. Over the course of an hour, you’ll experience the virtual classroom as it’s meant to be: an effective, impactful learning environment.

The Future of Instructional Design: Blended Learning Campaigns

What do you need to create effective blended learning? Jennifer Hofmann explores:

  • The 5 Moments of Learning Need and how Learning Campaigns address all of them
  • The difference between instructional techniques, instructional strategies and instructional technologies
  • How formal training resources can also support informal learning
  • How course maps manage the instructional process and provide direction to modern learners

Bozarthzone! Evaluating eLearning: What You Measure is What You Get

Explore the ways in which assessments can end up failing to measure what designers and organizations intend. In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of linking objectives with outcomes
  • How to create better assessments
  • Tips for building evaluation into program design
  • How to link evaluation towards business goals and outcomes

Bozarthzone! Rockin’ the Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom technology provides a wonderful live, real-time bridge between the traditional classroom and the learner. In this session, we’ll learn:

  • To read virtual body language
  • Ways to increase interactive and engagement
  • Utilize games and activities
  • Create visuals that support learning

Driving It Home – Real Change Is a Process, Not an Event

Join expert Laura Goodrich for her live learning event to:

  • Learn what a cinematic micro-learning process is and how it might bring value to your organization
  • Learn about the importance of messaging, micro-learning, self-reflection questions and digital tools
  • Learn about how different generations view blended learning and micro-learning
  • Learn how to be a Change Champion in your organization

4 Ways to Energize Virtual Learners: Breaking the Virtual Ice

Engage your learners immediately and set the expectation that they are critical to the virtual classroom experience. During this hands-on event, you’ll:

  • Participate in icebreakers
  • Discuss design and delivery techniques for creating engaging icebreakers
  • Discover how to build instant long-lasting rapport with your audience

Bozarthzone! Tips for the Positive Deviant

“In every group there are a minority of people who find better and more successful solutions to the challenges at hand.” Our favorite positive deviant, Jane Bozarth answers:

  • Who are some positive deviants?
  • What kind of success have they had?
  • How did they do it?

What’s the Big Deal About Big Data

If Amazon can tell you what book to buy next, why can’t something tell you which candidate to hire? This session probes the buzz about Big Data and predictive analytics in the HR space, and provides guidance to help you be more effective in hiring, developing, and retaining high performers.

Bozarthzone! Holiday Stressbusters~

What should be a season of love and joy often turns instead to tiring weeks of overspending, overindulging, disappointment and STRESS! Join facilitator Jane Bozarth as you:

  • Look at common causes of holiday stress.
  • Ways to combat these stressors.

Leave with an action plan for taking back the spirit of the season